New Volvo Models in Milford - Features, Specs & Inventory

Explore the array of new Volvo models for sale here at Connecticut's Own Volvo

Variety is the spice of life, and it also just happens to be one of our greatest strengths here at Connecticut's Own Volvo. We pride ourselves on serving drivers of discerning tastes from all corners of Connecticut, and we know just how varied the tastes of Connecticut drivers can be. Fortunately, whether you're looking for a stately yet functional family car or something dynamic and engaging to reinvigorate your daily commutes around nearby Hamden, you're certain to find a new Volvo that fits your specifications here at Connecticut's Own Volvo.

Experience the pure Scandinavian design and sophistication of our latest Volvo sedans

Luxury sedans have always had a classic appeal here in Connecticut, and none more so than our new Volvo sedans for sale here in Milford, CT. Whether you're looking for a compact yet compelling luxury sedan like the Volvo S60 or a pure expression of executive luxury like the Volvo S90, you'll find our Volvo sedans exude poise and elegance that few competitors can even come close to matching.

Find a versatile new Volvo wagon at our Milford, CT dealership

Volvo has always been renowned for marrying form and functionality in its vehicles, and there's no greater expression of that approach to automotive design than the new Volvo wagons for sale at our dealership near Trumbull, CT. At our showroom, you'll find Volvo wagon models like the Volvo V60 and Volvo V90, both of which the upscale Scandinavian interior design the Volvo brand is known for alongside a generously proportioned cargo area that's certain to suit your needs.

See why drivers from New Haven to Bridgeport are so taken with our Volvo SUVs

For those with growing families here in Connecticut, a Volvo SUV is the clear choice. Offering the space to accommodate your family as well as impressive capability and safety features, models like the Volvo XC40, Volvo XC60, and Volvo XC90 never fail to catch the eye of visitors to our Milford, CT dealership.