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Sometimes you need a quick fix outside of regular service and maintenance by our expert Service Department. Others, you're just raring to do some custom work. So whether it's time to install new tires, to replace your battery, refill your fluids, fix a brake or alternator, swap out spark plugs, change your engine, cabin or oil filters, or just put on fresh wiper blades, let our Connecticut's Own Volvo Parts Department help you make the plan a reality.

Our dealership knows that your Volvo sedan, SUV or wagon's longevity is just as key as its performance, and that's why we make it our business to make sure you're covered by the right components. We can help you find that correct Volvo-approved or off-brand part you've been hard at work searching for, and it's as quick and simple as answering a few questions on our Parts Request form. Just fill in what you know, whether it's vehicle year, make, model, VIN or part number, and we'll dig into getting it for you post haste. Looking for a deal to that truly excels on Volvo or other parts? Periodically check out our Parts Specials page, where you can take advantage of a variety.

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So if you'd like to get a parts estimate, or you have questions or concerns, feel free to get in touch with our Connecticut's Own Volvo Parts Center at (888) 861-0805 or stop by and see us in person at 915 Boston Post Road here in Milford, CT. We look forward to making your visit one both rewarding and memorable.


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  • Engine Oil: This is a key piece to keeping your engine running as smoothly as possible. Regular application of this lubricant helps eliminate buildup, neutralize byproducts, and improve your piston ring seals. Easy enough to replace in your own garage, but we are more than happy to do an oil change at our Milford dealership.
  • Oil Filter: Speaking of sludge and buildup, your oil filter is what keeps your oil free of these performance-damaging byproducts as long as possible. Consult your owner's manual to find out how frequently you need to switch this part out.
  • Radiator: This is a large item in terms of size and price, but it is one of the most frequently needed parts for a DIY project. Your engine's temperature is kept down by running coolant (also available) through the engine block and then through a radiator to dispel the heat it absorbs. This cooling cycle is crucial to your engines health, so if you notice coolant leaking or your engine overheating, bring your vehicle in.
  • Catalytic Converter: Another major item, this device controls your exhaust emissions by converting gases from your engine into less-toxic pollutants. This part is crucial for optimal performance and passing your next inspection.
  • Brake Pads: A key component of the brake disc, these parts apply friction to the rotor. Make sure your Volvo brake pads near Milford are performing well, or else you put yourself in a seriously risky position. Noisy braking is a sure sign of brake pads that need to be replaced, but regular maintenance should catch worn pads before it gets that bad.
  • Fuel Pump: This engine component is a common need for home projects. Fuel pumps keep the fuel pressure in your engine within certain specifications. You can tell you need a new one if your engine sputters at high speeds, loses power when under stress, or surges.
  • Battery: Your Volvo depends on its battery to start its engine, once the engine is on the battery can take a break and recharge. If your engine is slow to start near Milford, then it may be time for a new battery.
  • Oxygen Sensor: This part, also written as the O2 sensor, is mounted in the exhaust manifold to monitor oxygen levels in the exhaust. A faulty O2 sensor is often the reason a Check Engine Light comes on, but you can also diagnose it with a sharp drop in gas mileage and a rough idle.
  • Air Filters: The function of these parts is self-explanatory, they simply filter out harsh contaminants from entering your engine and cabin. Drivers on dirt roads near Milford, CT should stay on top of their air filters and bring them in for replacement more often than the factory recommendation.
  • Ignition Coil: Also called a spark coil, this is a key part of the ignition system that transforms the battery's low voltage into something powerful enough to create a spark in the spark plugs to ignite the fuel. If your engine is misfiring, it could be an ignition coil issue.
  • Headlights and Taillights: To stay safe on the road, it is critical to see and be seen. You may notice issues like fogginess or other obstructions as your bulbs age, so bring them into us for tips on keeping them clean.
  • And much, much more!

If you're interested in purchasing a part for a DIY project or you need to bring your Volvo in for service, we've got your back. Our Volvo parts specialists are pros when it comes to sourcing the right part for your vehicle, so don't hesitate to ask for help.

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