The Sedan that Stands Apart From the Rest

The all-new S60 is a different kind of car for a different kind of driver...
one with the confidence to stand out on the road. Our completely redesigned
sedan comes with easy-to-use technology and engaging performance, no
matter where you're headed...

2019 Volvo S60 Walkaround Tour


Modern Design

Welcome to a serene
space that invites you to
appreciate the
craftsmanship and focus
on the inspiring drive.



Human-centric innovations,
including a 9-inch Sensus
Touchscreen, make life less
complicated and always keep
you connected, informed and

Effortless Power

With engaging performance
and superior chassis,
you'll enjoy the comfort and
control you want on every

Sit in the driver's seat of the S60, and you are in a place that has been designed for driving pleasure. 
The clean and uncluttered layout combines form and function.

 Details, such as the diamond pattern on the control knobs and the tailored dashboard, 
create a sense of purpose and of refinement.
The front seats are shaped to complement the human form, 
so they are exceptionally supportive and have a wide range of adjustment. 
In the rear, generous legroom and the same levels of seat support mean everyone will be comfortable. 

The standard Panoramic Moonroof floods the cabin with light. 
It's tinted to reduce glare and has a powered sunshade. 

With 4-zone climate control, both front and outer rear seat occupants can select their ideal temperature, 
while our CleanZone technology filters incoming air to help remove dust, pollen, particulates and odors.
Confident, athletic and elegant, the S60 is the essence of good Scandinavian design. 
A dynamic sedan, one that projects confidence without shouting. 

Crisp, sharp details enhance and complement the car's inherent strength 
and its sleek silhouette is an invitation to get in and drive. 

It's a drive that will inspire and excite you, one where effortless performance, 
an advanced chassis and intuitive technology combine to create a car that celebrates the joy of the road 
through the quality of its design. 

From inside to out, the S60 is a sedan that will be a delight to the senses, whatever the driving situation.

The S60 is a car that will inspire you to drive. 
A car with a dynamic character. 
One that will heighten your senses and bring enjoyment to your driving. 
Fluent and perfectly balanced, it's capable of delivering both refined, long distance comfort 
and an exciting drive. 

The chassis in the S60 combines double wishbone front suspension and a unique integrally linked rear axle. 
It means that every input you make is matched with a precise and sharp reaction, 
while still ensuring a comfortable ride. 

On the R-Design trim, a standard sport chassis increases stability and quickens responses even further by lowering the ride height and adding stiffer springs and dampers. 

Active chassis technology allows you to customize the way the S60 rides and handles, 
and the three Adaptive Drive Modes let you tailor your driving experience further by altering the engine, transmission, accelerator and steering responses. 

Or you can create your own bespoke setup with Individual mode. 
However you configure it, the S60 is the perfect partner, whatever the journey.  


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